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Found The Perfect House But Not Ready To Move Yet.

UGH. Since we started our discussion about moving to Taos, NM, we have been looking at houses for sale on the internet. Although we are not ready to move yet, I found my perfect house this weekend…2 acres of land, solar panels, 2 workshop rooms, an office, etc.. It is perfect. But there are 2 […]


About To Lose Your Home? Here Is What You Need To Do.

With the incredible rise in foreclosures this year, a lot of people are obviously having trouble paying their mortgage. We all know that this is mostly due to the fact that people took out interest only or short term mortgages, and they can no longer afford the payments. If you are in this situation, there […]


Disputing 30 Year Versus 40 Year Mortgages.

Don’t think you can afford that house you want down the street? Think again. Thanks to some enterprising mortgage lenders, you can now get 40 and 50 year mortgages! Now you can finally buy that way too expensive, beyond your price range bungalow you have always wanted. Or can you? It depends on who you […]


The Coming Real Estate Crash? Foreclosures Up 79%.

In California, that is. I am sure it not as high other places, but a 79% jump in foreclosures is a pretty big jump, wouldn’t you say? According to Inside Bay Area, California had 16,273 foreclosure filings in February, up 79 percent from a year ago which does not bode well for the future of […]

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