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Millions of American Homeowners Could Refinance and Save with HARP

This post brought to you by Quicken Loans. All opinions are 100% mine.

by Clayton Closson.

You read that title correctly.

An estimated 2.7 million American households could refinance to today’s mortgage rates (which are near historic lows, in case you haven’t been paying attention) through the gov’s HARP program. And they can do it even if they owe more money than their home is worth. Up to 200%. But they aren’t. And we don’t know why.

Why don’t they want to lower their mortgage payment?

Why don’t they want to shorten the term of their loan?


How I Saved $25/Month With One Call to My Cable Company

Some people see cable TV as a luxury. Others see it as a waste of money. Like the majority of people, I fall somewhere between the two extremes. Regardless of how you feel about cable TV, you should do whatever it takes to save money on your cable services.

A couple of months ago I reviewed my budget and decided it was time to cut back on my cable bill. I don’t mind paying for this expense, but I realized that over time I kept adding to my cable services and my monthly bill had become exorbitant. I was paying for services that I didn’t really need. As a result, I decided to make some changes and the changes I made will save me $300 over the next year. Some step-by-step tips to cut your cable bill by $25 a month include:


Comparison of Prices for My Purchases at the Dollar Store

Think those dollar stores are only full of useless junk you don’t really need in the first place? Guess again. I too used to think that, until I stopped into a local Dollar Tree the other day on the advice of my grandmother, who wanted me to pick up some holiday wrapping paper for her. I had never thought of checking out one of those stores for much of anything, but she insisted that I stop there to buy the paper she needed. Once inside, I thought I had hit the jackpot, as they had tons of products priced at just $1 that I normally buy at my local drug or big-box stores for much more money.


10 Ways to Stop Wasting Money

Just last week I read the article “Ten Biggest Money Wasters” over on and was fascinated at the types of things that people tend to waste their hard-earned money on. While a lot of us go way out of our way to clip mounds of coupons, drive an extra mile out of the way to save $0.03 per gallon of gasoline, or buy the cheapest items we can find (which only need to be replaced every few years rather than lasting forever), many of us waste money each and every day on little things that really add up — and are mostly avoidable. While I encourage you to go read the entire article I referenced above, I wanted to mention a few items on the list for your perusal:


17 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home This Summer

Are you ready for summer yet? While the temperature here in New Mexico is still in the “I can’t decide if it’s summer or winter” mode with 80 degree days and 25 degree nights, we all know that sooner rather than later summer will be here, accompanied by heat, humidity, and bugs! Just when you start learning to cope with snow, ice, and below 0 days, everything changes and now you’re sweating those upcoming summertime utility bills. Depending on where you live, the size of your home, and how much utility costs are in your area, summer can often bring the highest monthly bills of the year. The good news, however, is that it’s only May and you have time to prepare for those hot summer days and high electric bills, so here are some easy to implement tips to both keep cool at home and save a little money at the same time. Let’s get started!

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