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Share With Your Neighbors At NeighborGoods.

There is absolutely no reason why everyone in your neighborhood needs their own lawnmower, snowblower or gigantic ladder – why not share the cost with a few close friends? I know I have talked about this stuff before, but I just found this site called NeighborGoods that will help you find those around you with […]


$25 Bonus For Opening An ING Checking Account.

I have been meaning to do this anyway, so this is just a push for me to get it done! ING Direct is offering, until October 31, 2009, a $25 bonus for opening a checking account with them and using your Debit Card to make 3 signature transactions (you know, the ones you have to […]


Interview With Yours Truly At ‘Talk With Tim’.

In case any of you are interested, and interview I did with Tim from “Talk With Tim” was just published this morning. I answered questions ranging from “Why I left corporate America” to “Does personal finance education belong in school”…check it out if you have a few minutes.


My Biggest Money-Saving Tip About Moving…And More.

Save your moving boxes. That’s it! I have used the same moving boxes for my last 3 moves and will be using them for my move coming up here in a few weeks. While most people can get boxes for free by looking at Freecycle or Craigslist, quite often you end up having to buy […]


27 Ways To Save Money On Your Utility Bills.

In about 3 weeks, I am moving away from New Mexico to Denver, CO. I will be leaving behind a house that provided virtually free AC and heat (being a passive solar home), pretty cheap “high-speed” internet (for New Mexico), incredibly low taxes and assorted other things that come along with living in one of […]

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