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Frugal Fire Starters Made At Home.

This will be a short and simple post, but I thought maybe some of you guys might appreciate it. You know how people buy specially-made fire starters for either their home fireplace or for when they go camping? Well, there really is no need to do so, as you probably already have the makings of […]


Blowing The “Eating Out” Budget Out Of The Water.

This month, I absolutely destroyed the budgeted dollar amount for eating out, spending a whopping $327 – with almost a week still left to go before the 1st. Looks like I will be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a few days! I try to keep the dining out budget to under $100 a […]


7 Days, 7 Ways To Save-Daily Tips That Really Add Up.

No matter how many ways you stretch that paycheck”¦ it can wind up feeling like there’s just too much month left at the end of the money. So, with skyrocketing prices on everything from groceries and gas to homes and cars, is there a realistic way to save without living like a church mouse? Absolutely. […]


Getting Help Real Time: 4 Ways To Ask A Money-Saving Question Online.

What’s your first thing to do when you need some advice on a retailer, a product or a deal? Yeah, most of us just go ahead and ask friends and relatives – people we can trust. They may be biased but they will share their real experience and sincere thoughts – and this way you […]


Tips For Improving Your Cash On Hand.

Most consumers find themselves in debt because they often make the mistake of using credit cards in place of cash. They fail to take the steps necessary to ensure their cash is always flowing within a reasonable budget instead of using a credit card as an extension of their income. This leads to balances they […]

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