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When Spending The Money Is Worth The Cost.

This past weekend I helped friends move into the new house that they bought. And when I say “helped friends move”, I mean I lifted a few things here and there, arranged some furniture, and did some babysitting. I didn’t actually do the moving part of the weekend – my friends had hired professional movers […]


How To Get Your Monthly Electric Bill Below $25.

OK, so this might not be possible for everyone, especially those with large families. But for the past 3 months, our electric bill has not been over $25 a month – and it took some steps to get it to that point. It was averaging about $45-$50 a month up until that point. So I […]


Tracking Your Spending For A Month Can Help Open Your Eyes To Unnecessary Expense.

Due to some pressing issues here on the homefront, I will be running a few guest posts this week. This is a post from Peter who writes for Bible Money Matters, a blog about personal finance and faith. You can subscribe to his RSS feed here or via email here. I’ve been writing about personal […]


Memorial Day 2009.

In thanks to those who served both still here and already gone, here is to Memorial Day 2009. See you tomorrow.


I Don’t Want A Gift, But Thank You.

Today is my 37th birthday, and I hope I don’t get anything. Well, cash is alright, as are gift cards to stores I normally go to, but other than that? I don’t need nor want for anything else. No plastic doodads, no new mugs, no wall hangings. I am all set with that stuff, thanks. […]

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