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Taking The Cheap Way Out On Medical Issues Costs More Later.

My wife has been going to the dentist a lot this year. The reason? She has a bunch of faulty fillings from years ago that have gone bad and required a lot of work to fix. While we have dental insurance, it only covers a percentage of any work done (other than cleanings) so we […]


Finding Salvaged Goods To Save Money On Remodeling Your Home.

Why pay new in-store prices for something that you can get at a fraction of the cost at a salvage store? Remodeling your house can cost a fortune if you are not careful with your budget, and in addition to the tips I mentioned a while ago about frugal redecorating, one place you should definitely […]


Drastically Reduce Your Expenses Starting Today.

We all need to save money, and in my opinion there is no easier place to start than in areas that we are already spending more than we should. It’s also easier to cut expenses immediately than it is to make more money, especially in this economy. Over the last year since we moved here […]


To The Rescue Again: The Importance Of An Emergency Fund.

Once again, and emergency fund helps someone through 4 months of unemployment. If you have been putting off adding to your fund, let this story be a lesson to you – back in July of 2007 my brother was laid off, and I wrote about how important his emergency fund was in helping him weather […]


10 iPhone Applications That Will Help You With Your Finances.

As an iPhone owner and user, I can appreciate how certain applications can really make life easier. I have tons of stuff on my phone for all different purposes, but the one thing I don’t have is any kind of application to save me some money. So I went looking, and I am in the […]

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