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The Six Worst Tax Cuts in the Senate’s Stimulus Plan Package.

According to Citizens for Tax Justice, here are the six worst tax cuts (PDF Download) in the Senate’s version of the stimulus package, which will cost $123 billion more than the original House bill would have: 1. The Alternative Minimum Tax “Patch” Projected Additional Cost Compared to House Bill: $70 Billion Why It Won’t Help […]


Do You Qualify For Extra Tax Rebate Money From Last Year’s Stimulus?

Did you know that if you did not qualify for the tax rebate last year, you can try to qualify for it again this year? For instance, if your income was too high or you did not make enough last year to qualify for the rebate, you might be able to get it this year […]


Ask The M-Network: Where Is The Best Place To Save & Grow Cash?

My Two Dollars reader Kelly sent in the following question to the M-Network’s new feature “Ask The M-Network“: “My husband and I currently have 30K in savings and put in 2500 a month into a HSBC Online account paying about 2.4% currently. Is this the best place to save or grow this money? We have […]


When it Comes to an Emergency Fund, Cash is King.

The Dough Roller, or DR, is the writer behind The Dough Roller a blog about money management. DR covers how to make more money, how to manage money smartly, and how to invest money wisely. If you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to The Dough Roller You’ve probably heard the rule of […]


Ask The M-Network: Make Multiple Small Payments On Monthly Bills?

My Two Dollars reader Jaimie sent in the following question to the M-Network’s new feature “Ask The M-Network“: “I have always lived paycheck to paycheck. I am paid weekly and in extreme desire to enable financial security I have instituted a new budget plan. I pay a portion of every bill I have (utilities, car […]

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