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Inexpensive Ways To Stay Warm This Winter.

Our new house is a passive solar house, meaning that it has the correct southern orientation during the winter that the sun beams in through the giant windows to heat the place during the day. We have huge windows all along the front of the house, so the sun comes in, hits the concrete floors, […]


Saving Money On An Unexpected Expense – A Washer & Dryer.

We just became official adults – we bought our own washer and dryer set. Somehow in my 36 years of life I have escaped having to buy my own units, as everywhere I have ever lived either had A. a laundry room or B. units already installed. Since I knew when I signed the lease […]


How Little Changes Can Add Up To Thousands Of Saved Dollars.

Think you cannot save any money? Think putting away $100 a month into a savings account or towards paying off some credit card is impossible? If so, you would be wrong, as there are ways that anyone and everyone could save something – you just have to think a little creatively and look at the […]


Sunday Money Roundup – Damn Snow Edition.

Right about now I am lugging a giant box from one house to another in the freezing cold snow. Don’t you love moving? Me neither. It had been 60 degrees for weeks on end and now this…ugh. So I will keep this short – check out these articles I found to be of interest this […]


Happy Thanksgiving From My Two Dollars.

Remember – if you have your health, a roof over your head, and food in your stomach, you are way ahead of millions of other people. Now THAT is something to be thankful for. I am very thankful for what I have in life and where I am headed, and wish everyone the same. Happy […]

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