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What Would You Give Up To Save Some Money?

I think that is one of the most important questions you could ask yourself when it comes time to go over your budget. If you are having trouble making ends meet, what are you willing to give up? Is it one big thing? Or is it 4 small things? Nothing?


Guest Post – 10 Ways To Make Saving Money Painless.

Today’s guest post is from Brip Blap. What does that mean? Check out his site when you get a chance and find out!

As anyone who has started to learn about personal finance knows, one of the cornerstone ideas is “pay yourself first.” Paying yourself first is a simple concept, but many people find it hard at first to make putting money into savings a priority. Saving money sounds like a good idea, but there is always a chair that needs to be replaced, new shoes for junior or just one more DVD to add to the collection. So how can you make saving a habit? It’s a trick question ““ you don’t have to make it a habit, you have to make it automatic. If you make your savings automatic, you never have to work on developing the habit. The habit will grow naturally once you see how easy it is.

So how do you make savings automatic? Here are 10 painless ways to do it.


Look At The Financial Carnivals Galore, Are You Included?


Two of the major carnivals and festivals that I read on a daily basis are the Carnival of Debt Reduction and the Festival of Frugality, and both have new versions up this week. First up this week was the 100th Carnival of Debt Reduction hosted over at No Credit Needed. My series about digging out of credit card debt was included, and here is the link to the first post of the series. Some articles from other sites that I found useful are:

3 Gift Certificates On Sale Again – 50% Off.

Sorry, this offer ended. But I will be sure to let everyone know when the new ones come out. In the meantime, you can still order regular gift certificates from the site.


Heading To Sea World? How About Saving 20% On Tickets?

Since my wife’s mom is in town, we have of course been exploring Southern California. The other day we went to Sea World in San Diego and since tickets are $57 each to get in, I wanted to see if I could find any kind of discount online before we went. Searching for these magic discounts turned out to be a little adventure, jumping from place to place to see where I could get the most off the ticket price. Although AAA, The Entertainment Book and a few other places did offer 5-10% off admission, I found that the biggest discount came from Southwest Airlines! If you are a Rapid Rewards member, you can get 20% off the ticket price just by showing your Rapid Rewards card. Don’t have one? No problem…just sign up on the site, print out your temporary membership card and bring it with you. Sure enough, 20% off for all three of us, saving us $34.20 on the tickets. I wasn’t a Rapid Rewards member before the other day, but it looks like I am now.

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