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How to Calculate Your Net Worth – How Much Are You Worth?

Wondering just how much you are actually worth? You aren’t alone – people put a lot of time and effort into figuring out their “net worth”. In basic terms, net worth is determined by adding up everything you own and subtracting the things you don’t own outright, giving you your total financial worth. I am […]


Your Money or Your Life – Are You Trading Your Work Life Balance For Money?

Are you trading your life for money? One of my favorite books on personal finance/lifestyle choices is Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, and it explores this very topic in easy-to-understand, clear and concise language. I have read it cover to cover several times over, and it remains a staple […]


How to Negotiate and Lower Your Phone, Cable & Internet Bill

Some of you may remember that in the past I have mentioned using Twitter as a way to get customer service issues taken care of. I have also used my Twitter account to get deals on cable and internet service from both Comcast and Charter, and I recommended at the time that if you use […]


How To Save Money on Cheap Batteries – Rechargeable Batteries & Charger Worth It?

Imagine a world without batteries for a minute. No remote controls, no cell phones, no laptop computers, no flashlights, no wireless mice. It would be quite a different world if batteries were not so commonplace! The problem with having batteries in everything, however, is that we have an almost constant need for new batteries, which […]


What To Do With Old Cell Phones – Donate, Recycle, or Sell for Cash

I can think of 9 different cell phones that I have owned over the years. Granted, that may not seem like a lot to many of you who may get a new phone every 6 months or every year, but that’s how many phones I have bought/sold/traded in since 1996. Back in the 90’s and […]

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