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How to Get Government Rebates Just For Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

As most of you know, since I have beat it to death as of late, I just moved back to California. I was away for 2 years, and it feels really good to be back in a place that feels way more like home than New Mexico or Colorado. I rented myself a great little house, but there are a few things missing that are kind of necessary – a refrigerator and a washing machine. The dryer I can do without, as A. I live in Los Angeles and it’s always warm and B. I have a private backyard where no one will complain about a clothesline, but the washing machine is a necessity. I refuse to go back to spending the entire day at the laundromat! So during this first week I have lived in the house I have been out shopping for these 2 major appliances, and along with some great sale prices (and free delivery!) I was also told about energy efficiency rebates that both Los Angeles County and my city has available. The city provides a downloadable PDF you can take with you of qualifying appliances and the dollar amount of the rebates you can get for each, and right now it looks like I will be getting the following amounts back from the county and the city for my washing machine purchase:


How To Save Money Using Twitter

Most of you probably know about Twitter already, but in case you don’t, it’s basically “a social networking and microblogging service which enables its users to send and read other users’ messages called tweets.” (Wiki) Sounds kinda useless when put like that, but the truth is that it is kind of addicting, with some people staying on and using it all day long.


My Two Dollars Interview Over At Thrift Culture Now

An article containing an interview I did a few weeks ago is now published for your enjoyment over at Thrift Culture Now. The article is titled “Learn How to Get Rid of the Debt & Get Back to a More Sensible Way of Living” and is available here. A teaser:

When David totalled up his credit card bills and realized that he owed $20,000, he knew it was time to seriously re-evaluate his lifestyle.

“I had nothing to show for all that debt! It was years of just living high on the hog and spending money as if I were wealthy, when I was anything but.”


How I Saved Money on My Rental Apartment Application & Credit Score Check

As I have mentioned lately, I am moving back to California in a few weeks. And in California, almost every single apartment/house/rental you apply for, you have to pay an application fee and a credit check fee to the landlord. Because I have been looking for (and finally found) a cool place to rent, I have been putting in applications for various houses, all of which initially required both the application the credit check fee. I don’t know if there is a standard charge for these fees, but the people I talked to wanted a $25 app fee and a $35 credit fee. Realizing this was going to get expensive, I decided to do something about it; I ran my own credit report and got a copy of my own credit score. I now had copies of information that landlords were going to charge me $35 for each time I applied for a place, and it only cost me a one time fee of about $7. Sweet!


Comparison of Average Moving Cost Estimates for Different Methods

I hate moving. I hate packing, I hate unpacking, and I hate the entire process. A few years back I swore I would never do a move by myself again, and instead have been hiring guys to help put my belongings in the truck and to take them out at my new place. It has certainly made moving a little easier, but every time I move I have to decide whether to hire full-service movers, to go the “You pack, we drive” route, or to rent the truck and drive it myself. And guess what? It’s time to move again, so it’s time to compare and contrast different moving methods again.

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