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0 GC’s 50% off-$25 worth of food for $5!

Sorry, this offer ended. But I will be sure to let everyone know when the new ones come out. In the meantime, you can still order regular gift certificates from the site.


How a $3.85 Drink At Starbucks Affects Your Bottom Line.

So, you are a Starbucks junkie. You cannot stop yourself from getting that latte or mocha every morning. Maybe some shocking figures will help you? Ok, let’s get started: Let’s say you buy just one, ONE latte a week. Every Monday. Let’s say in your Starbucks the cost is $3.85. Doesn’t sound like much, does […]


Free sample of Trojan condoms.

Ok, so its a little off topic here, but…….it does save you some money, and it CAN save you some money if you were not planning on having kids yet. If you go to the TROJAN website and sign up, they will send you one free condom. One? Come on now, only one? Anyway, if […]


I have found the perfect car insurance company and it’s name is…

Yep, I have. Well, I think so anyway. I have lived in California for 11 years and I have always had the same company up until this year….I wont name names, but after someone totaled my brand new Audi and then they blamed me for it, I decided to leave. Searching searching…and I come across […]


If you must spend $600 on a game, how to get your hands on a PS3.

Personally, I think all the hoopla about the Playstation3 is bull. Its a video game for God’s sake…not a way to save the planet or feed some hungry children. It’s a G.A.M.E.. Sorry to all of you out there that just have to have the newest system the day it comes out, but after reading […]

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