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If you participated in the Citi $100 gas rebate, read these posts

So, you took up Citi’s offer to pay you back for $100 in gasoline, huh? And its getting close to the time to A. turn in your receipts and cancel your membership in the credit protector plan? I know I have a few more days before I have to cancel, and one more tank of […]


Alternative Car Expo this weekend in Santa Monica, CA

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, this weekend could be the weekend where you learn everything there is to know about alternative fuel cars! If you have any questions or are curious about the possible money saving ideas that alternative cars have to offer, this is the place to come. At the […]


Video rental service for How-To DVD’s-Fix it yourself, save money.

I dont have much to add to this post from CoolTools, so I will put a blurb of it below. Need to fix something around your house but don’t know how or dont want to hire a pro? A company called SmartFlix will rent you DVD’s on how to projects…check it out: SmartFlix will rent […]


Your frequent flyer miles might be expiring December 31.

Ok, so I am not what one would normally call a frequent flyer…I fly 4-5 times a year at most. About 3 years ago, I flew Delta for a few of those trips and gathered up 27,000 miles. Since then, I have not flown Delta, as my last company was using American Airlines, and now […]


Netflix users rejoice, Blockbuster gives you free rentals

So, you are a Netflix user and you have the tear off sheet once your movie arrives, right? Well, bring it on up to Blockbuster and get yourself a free rental. Yup, just with the piece of paper you tear off when your movie arrives. From Ars Technica– Blockbuster has launched a new promotion to […]

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