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Even more ways to save money, and some I dont agree with.

Of course, everyone is always looking for a few ways to save a buck. And most everyone has their own secret little system to try to get the most for their dollar. Over at MoneyCentral, they have an article up that has 20 ways to save money “on a shoestring”…meaning anyone can do these things […]


Another USB 2GB Flash Drive – $7.95- Backup your data!

This morning, over at, they have another 2GB flash drive for sale that is only $7.95 after rebate and after you use Google Checkout for $20 off a $50 purchase. I cannot recommend these enough….as I mentioned in a previous post, we use these to store all of our important docs so we have […]


My favorite post for the month of December-how we paid off debt.

I figure at the beginning of the month I will post my favorite post from the previous month, and November’s is my post about the system we used to pay off our debt and how it can help you get those debts paid off quicker without much further damage to your wallet: How we paid […]


Tips to avoid the dreaded AMT-Alternative Minimum Tax

Boy did we come close to this one last year…I am afraid of what will happen this year. My brother is an accountant and he was scared for us last year. Hope his ideas are going to work to keep us out of it this year! Both Smart Money and MSN MoneyCentral have some interesting […]


Schools giving away $28,000 cars for perfect attendance…this is not right.

You know what I got if I had perfect attendance? Nothing. Thats right, nothing. I got to move on to the next grade and then graduate on time. But it seems thats not enough for teenagers today. This article over at NCTimes says: “Sixteen-year-old Kaytie Christopherson was getting ready to do her homework on a […]

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