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How to Make Your Own Homemade All-Purpose Household Cleaner – For Pennies!

Do you buy special cleaning products for every surface in your home? Does the kitchen get a different cleaner than the bathroom? How about your appliances? Every major company selling these products tries to market a different bottle of their cleaner for different purposes, but I use the exact same one for everything in my […]


5 Free Finance iPhone Apps That Can Save You Money

There used to be a time that you walked into a store, picked up what you wanted, and paid the person at the checkout stand. No instantaneous comparison shopping, no e-tailers to check first, and depending on where you lived, not even too many places to choose from. But with the internet and so many […]


Could Your Lack Of Money Be Your Own Fault?

About two weeks ago, I was having a pretty in-depth conversation with a good friend of mine when the topic of money came up. Normally, I try to keep talk about both money and politics out of my discussions with my friends, but this time I decided to go with it to see where it […]


Cost of Bottled Water vs Tap Water – Stop Wasting Your Money!

Are you still buying (what amounts to) filtered tap water in plastic bottles? Well, it’s time to stop wasting all that money! Approximately 40% of all water in bottles sold in the U.S. is just filtered water straight from the tap, which is exactly the same thing you can do at home for only a […]


How to Save Money on Road Trips Using Inexpensive Hotels & Cheap Lodging

A couple of weeks ago I returned home from a 5,500 mile cross country road trip. Living in Colorado, with the rest of my family living in Massachusetts and Florida, it always takes a big trip in order to see everyone. And since I gave up flying 3 years ago, I now only travel by […]

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