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Getting The Lowest Subscription Cost On The Newspaper.

I haven’t gotten the newspaper delivered to my house in years. Every once in a while I would pick up a Sunday paper back when I lived in Los Angeles, but ever since I moved to New Mexico and now to Colorado I haven’t been buying or reading the local papers…until this past week. For my own “green” reasons I don’t buy the paper Monday – Friday, but now that I have limited my internet time on weekends I have decided to subscribe to the paper on Saturday and Sunday only. Having the physical paper in my house on the weekends makes me take the time to enjoy the coffee and do some reading rather than just jumping right on the computer like I do every other morning. However, as I discovered, reading the paper can cost you either street price OR a heavily-discounted price, depending on how/where you get it from. Which one do you think I went for?


AT&T Lowers Monthly Cost For Unlimited Talk And Data.

If you are (or are considering to become) an AT&T customer, you might want to check out what they did to the price of their unlimited talk and data plans. While they made changes to their plans for all users, I was mostly interested in the rates on the iPhone, as that’s the phone I own. But after looking at the rate changes, they don’t really help me any because A. I don’t use that many voice minutes, B. I already have unlimited data with my $30 iPhone “extra” cost and C. texting costs are still separate from data and voice on their smartphones. So while I could now get unlimited voice for only a little more per month, I don’t need it…I NEVER go over my minutes per month. But for those of you looking to get in on the unlimited voice and data plans that Sprint and T-Mobile has had for a while now, the new rates might be worth looking into:


New Year Savings Tips For Your Children.

The turn of a new year is often a time of reflection for many. This year, don’t make resolutions just for yourself, take the time to make resolutions with your children that can have a lifelong effect. Start by discussing and setting some financial goals for your kids. Whether it’s learning the tenants of savings, understanding the ins and outs of responsible credit card use or more, opening the dialogue can happen at any age, any time.

Here are a few tips to get the conversation started, no matter what age your children are:


Give The Gift Of Saving Money This Holiday.

I just finished reading an article over at Kiplingers called 12 Gift Ideas That Save Money for the Recipient and was pleasantly surprised that it actually was what it proclaimed to be rather than just another list of “stuff” we don’t really need. It’s nice when a mainstream article gives people info about actually helping others to save money rather than just spending it! So if you are looking for last minute gifts to give to those you love, check out some of the things on this list – you would be doing them a huge favor by getting them any of these as presents. I put my thoughts on each next to them, just in case anyone in my family is reading this!


When In Doubt, Ask About A Discount.

As you know by now, I just finished a move to Denver, Colorado. And because I moved into a new place, there are a few things I needed to buy to make it more like “home”. I have been checking out a few stores looking for these items, and one thing I have done in every single one of them is to ask if what I am buying is going on sale anytime soon. With the holidays coming up, most stores will be cutting prices, so I wanted to make sure that what I wanted wasn’t going to be advertised next week at a much cheaper price. I found that most clerks were more than willing to tell me the truth, and thus a few of the things I wanted to pick up I will be waiting another couple of weeks for. These are not make or break items – they are just things I wanted for the new place.

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