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Netflix users rejoice, Blockbuster gives you free rentals

So, you are a Netflix user and you have the tear off sheet once your movie arrives, right? Well, bring it on up to Blockbuster and get yourself a free rental. Yup, just with the piece of paper you tear off when your movie arrives. From Ars Technica– Blockbuster has launched a new promotion to […]


Before buying that gift card for Christmas….

Now, everyone loves getting a gift card as a gift….you can go and pick up what YOU want instead of getting some weird “thing” that A. you dont even know what it is and B. you now have something else to return. Sure, its easier for the person buying the gift to get a gift […]


Buy offers $4.95 2GB USB Thumb Drive – backup financial docs easily.

*Update- Its $9.95 now..but for a 2GB drive, thats still a deal. Personally, I think its the best way to back up stuff and take it with out at all times. Ending today, over at, they have a 2GB USB thumb drive for only $4.95. The price is actually $50 with free shipping, but […]

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