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Proposal May Cap Cancellation Fees On Cell Phone Contracts.

Interesting stuff here…The government is quietly negotiating to help cell phone customers avoid expensive fees when they cancel contracts with wireless companies, as the Federal Communications Commission is considering a plan that would cap cancellation fees for cell phones. Finally! Cell phone companies routinely charge customers $175 or more for quitting their service early. Under […]


My Wife And Her $39 Dollar Glasses.

So my wife wanted a new extra pair of glasses…but did not want to spend the $200+ her last pair cost. I had read about $39 Dollar Glasses a while back and after perusing their website, I showed it to my wife. They had some good reviews and some mainstream positive reviews, so I figured […]


Euros Are Now Being Accepted In New York City.

As another sign of the decline of the U.S. dollar and to encourage Europeans to come visit us, some stores in New York City are now putting out the “Euros Accepted” signs. From Reuters: In the latest example that the U.S. dollar just ain’t what it used to be, some shops in New York City […]


IKEA Customer Service Really Failed This Weekend And I Won’t Be Back Soon.

If I don’t step foot in another IKEA again for a long time, it still probably will not have been long enough. And that hurts, because I really did like poking around inside their gigantic showrooms. Although I stopped buying furniture there a while ago (because it tends to not last too long), it was […]


Money Mistake Monday – Buying The Extended Warranty Syndrome.

Photo by jpockele One of the things that I used to do when I went shopping for electronics was to buy the extended warranties. Since a normal warranty on an electronic device is normally 1 year, buying the extended warranty gives you piece of mind for an additional 2 years or so, right? And it […]

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