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Out Of Ideas? Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas For Under $15.

Well, Christmas is now only 5 days away and you know you have run out of ideas – admit it! Well, consider this one of my good deeds for the year in providing you with 10 different gift ideas all for under $15. This way you can get them something cool while not spending too […]


We Still Have Gift Cards Left Over From Our Wedding.

Even though it was over 2 years ago, we still have a pile of gift cards sitting here in my desk drawer with various amounts still left on them. Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Cost Plus – we have some money to spend at a whole bunch of different stores. The problem is that we […]


Money Mistake Monday – The I Bought Way Too Much Music Syndrome.

photo from stock.xchng. Back in high school, I was a guitar playing athlete who loved music. I mean LOVED music – I think I bought every tape that came out from anyone making rock music. Moving on to college, when that miracle called a CD came out, I bought every one of those too. By […]


Customer Service At Its Best – Thanks SmugMug.

The other day I wrote about different ways I had wasted money in 2007 and how one of the ways was that I was charged for another year of photo storage by…even though I had not used the account in 8 months or so. I had forgotten I even had the account – until […]


Buy Nothing Day Is Friday – Are You Participating?

This Friday, known as “Black Friday”, is normally the day when every retailer on the face of the planet puts some crap that none of us really need on sale…just to get us to buy some of it. People actually get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping – something I have never […]

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