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Radiohead’s ‘Pay What You Want’ Album Available Today.

Just a friendly reminder to you Radiohead fans, today is the day that their new album has been released as a download only from In Rainbows. The site is under heavy loads today, so you might want to wait until later. Pay what you want for the album, but please…be fair and pay what you […]


Backup Your Important Docs – 1GB USB Thumb Drive Only $9.99

I have written before about the benefits of USB Thumb Drives as portable backups for your important information…we use them in our emergency kit to store backups of our credit card #’s, ID’s, insurance contacts, etc, and I also carry one in my messenger bag – just in case. Always on the lookout for a […]


Want Radiohead’s New Album? – Pay Whatever Amount You Want.

In a move sure to set the music industry on fire, Radiohead has announced that their new album “In Rainbows” will be available only online…and you can pay what you want for it. Don’t want to pay? No problem. Want to pay $20? No problem. From Time: Drop In Rainbows’ 15 songs into the on-line […]


Apple To Offer $100 Credit If You Bought iPhone At The Old Price.

If you happened to be one of the early adopters of the iPhone when it came out, you got royally screwed Tuesday when Apple announced a $200 price drop on phones purchased after Tuesday. Of course, if you know anything about Apple it’s to not buy anything of theirs during the first few months, because […]


Great Deal On Bulk Rechargeable Batteries.

If you are not already doing so, you should really think about using rechargeable batteries around your house. Sure, they might be more expensive up front, but you don’t have to buy batteries for a very long time (if ever) and you don’t have to throw any into the trash, which helps the environment as […]

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