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Eight Steps To Lowering Your Property Tax Bill.

Those of you who own property know that sometimes the property tax bill shows up and it is not pretty. Property taxes keep on rising, even while the housing economy slides deeper into a slump. What gives and what can you do about it? Money Magazine has 7 ways that you can lower your property […]


Should You Do Your Taxes Yourself And Fire Your Accountant?

According to Money Magazine, you may want to fire your accountant if: 1. Your return is straightforward. If you just have income from wages and interest and some simple investments, you could do it yourself. 2. You have an afternoon to spare. Depending on who you ask, some people do their taxes in an hour, […]


Your Tax Dollars At Work – More Pork, Less Bridges.

Flipping through Sunday’s newspaper I came across a little blurb about how some of our tax dollars are being spent. While there had been some big talk lately in Congress about stopping the funding of “pork” projects in order to fix our nation’s infrastructure due to the bridge collapse in Minneapolis in August, an amendment […]


Tax Law Changes In Store For 2008.

With the end of 2007 drawing near, it is almost time to start thinking ahead to January 1st and what you are doing with your money. Coming in 2008, there are some tax law changes that you might want to be aware of when contemplating your investment accounts, savings accounts, retirement plans and tax preparation […]


Money Mistake Monday – I Didn’t Have Enough Taxes Taken Out Syndrome.

I have talked before of our move to the beach a few years ago and how we made it work for us. Sure, our rent almost tripled by moving here, but somehow we were able to make ends meet. It made me wonder where all the money was going before! But anyway, one of the […]

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