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Best Places To Put That Tax Refund You Are Getting.

Of course, the ideal thing to do is to not get one at all but that’s a different story…it seems most people I know are getting a refund this year of at least a few thousand dollars. Not us, we owe money due to a withholding error at my last job. Nice, huh? Anyways, I […]


Thursday Morning Money – Still No Car Edition.

So it is now day #4 without a car and I have not gone crazy or ran out and bought another one. So far so good! Here are some favorite posts I came across this week around personal finance land. Personal Finance Advice explains why the Forever Stamp is a bad investment. Money, Matter & […]


Would You Turn In A Tax Cheat For Cash?

If your best friend or a family member was filing a fraudulent tax return, would you turn them in? I mean, if they are not paying their fair share, that means everyone else is eventually going to have to cover it for them…so should you turn them in? The IRS is trying to convince you […]


Want To See How The Government Wastes Your Tax Dollars?

We all know that the government tends to spend a lot of our tax dollars unwisely, but just HOW bad is it? The people over at Citizens Against Government Waste have just released their 2007 PIG Book, which is an annual compilation of the pork-barrel projects in the federal budget. This years book has 2,658 […]


Last Minute Tax Filing Tips.

This month’s SmartMoney magazine has a little blurb about last minute tax tips. So what are the tips? 1. Get help for capital gains tax by using Intuit’s TurboTax Premier Investments. This program automatically calculates your capital gains and losses based on you entering which stocks you bought, how many shares and commissions paid..and the […]

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