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Beware of IRS Scam Emails for Tax Payments

The Internal Revenue Service will never contact you via email. Period. However, a very good scam artist will certainly try, and a good way for them to do so is to pretend to be the IRS in order to gain access to your banking information. In the past month, I have gotten three emails purporting […]


How Federal (IRS) Income/Salary Tax Brackets Really Work

Just because your income puts you in the X or Y % tax bracket, that doesn’t mean that is really what percentage of your income you pay in taxes. We actually have a progressive tax system in place in the US, where you are taxed at different levels as your income increases. I wrote about […]


How To Make Estimated Tax Payments – For the Self Employed

If you don’t have your taxes taken out of a paycheck, guess what – you have to pay estimated taxes to the IRS and your home state every quarter of the year. And even if you have taxes taken out of your paycheck, but you don’t have enough taken out to cover your paycheck or […]


2010 Federal Income Tax Brackets & IRS Tax Rates

Since we are half way through 2010, I figured now was a good time to check out what the 2010 Federal tax rates were so you still had 6 months to make any changes to your withholdings if necessary. Every year there are always small changes to the absurdly wordy tax code, and 2010 is […]


Filing A Tax Extension: Don’t Pay Someone, Do It For Free.

You may start seeing services offering to help you extend the IRS tax date of April 15th, giving you more time to file your taxes. Some of these companies will actually charge you a fee… for something you can do on your own for free. For individual filers, if you are not able to file […]

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