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4th Quarter Estimated Taxes Due Next Week!

For those of you who freelance or otherwise receive untaxed income throughout the year, your 4th quarter estimated taxes are due next week! Taxes are due on January 15th, which is next Thursday. 100% of my income is 1099 income, so I have to pay a lot of taxes every three months and no longer […]


How To Prepare For Preparing Your Taxes.

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about the dreaded tax season. While I have someone do my taxes because of my self-employment income and deductions, many people choose to their own taxes. It all can be confusing, but some of these general tips can at least point you in the […]


Tax Deductions For Bloggers & The Self-Employed.

Starting looking at my tax situation for 2008, I have begun putting together a spreadsheet of all the expenses I have incurred running my blogging business. photo credit: Paul Keleher I keep a loose tally throughout the year and have a folder on my computer that holds all my receipts (PDF’s and scanned docs), but […]


3rd Quarter Taxes Due Today, September 15 2008.

If you are like me and you need to file estimated taxes all year due to your work situation, today is your third tax day of the year. Just a friendly reminder! Need to make that payment? Luckily there are a few ways to do so: – The government’s official online pay service Official […]


66% Of American Corporations Pay Zero Federal Income Tax.

And that really irritates me. Here are the rest of us, from the the family of four having trouble paying for college education to your neighbor just trying to make ends meet, who have to pick up the slack. Is it any wonder that when you combine the tax breaks for the richest Americans with […]

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