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Free iPhone & Android Apps to Save on Airfare, Hotels & Car Rentals

Everyone likes to travel, right? Judging by how much of the year I am on the road and how full the airports are, people are always looking to jet off somewhere for a little R&R. However, travel costs a lot of money right now because of the economy and how expensive gasoline is, so we […]


10 Best Free iPhone Travel Apps

Thinking of doing some traveling this summer? If you are anything like me, any chance to hit the open road is definitely taken advantage of. I have already taken a cross-country train ride this year along with a few long driving trips, and I have plans for many more in 2011. And although I have […]


How to Save Money on Road Trips Using Inexpensive Hotels & Cheap Lodging

A couple of weeks ago I returned home from a 5,500 mile cross country road trip. Living in Colorado, with the rest of my family living in Massachusetts and Florida, it always takes a big trip in order to see everyone. And since I gave up flying 3 years ago, I now only travel by […]


Current Costs To Check Baggage On Different Airlines.

As if you needed yet another reason to avoid flying, right? I haven’t flown in almost 3 years now, choosing instead to take Amtrak or even drive rather than step foot inside an airport. Every airline, except Southwest, now charges at least $15 to check a single bag aboard your flight – which is ridiculous, […]


Avoid Headaches & Save Money On Holiday Air Travel.

It’s that getting to be that time again – time to fill up the highways, airports, and railways with people on their way to visit relatives for the holidays. I took off last week via car to the east coast and made it with no problems, right before the blizzard hit. Good thing I drive […]

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