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New Passport Requirements As Of June 1, 2009.

As of June 1, 2009, passports or new passport cards will be required for land and sea, as well as air, travel to and from the United States. (Passport cards not acceptable for air travel) This includes visits to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, most of the Caribbean and 16 other countries. You used to only need one for air travel, but now you need one of these ID’s for driving and or arrival by boat. I am a firm believer in having a passport even if you are not planning on traveling, as you just don’t know what kind of circumstances will come up, and it can take up to 2 months to get your passport approved. Just a friendly little FYI!


Save Yourself Money & Headaches On Travel During The Holiday Season.

It’s that getting to be that time again – time to fill up the highways, airports, and railways with people on their way to visit relatives for the holidays.

Fun at the Airport
Creative Commons License photo credit: lunchtimemama

We are taking Amtrak across country again like we did last year (this time to Boston though) and we booked our tickets about 4 months ago to make sure we got the dates we wanted and were able to reserve private bedrooms for the whole trip. But for those of you just starting to think about what you are going to do this year, there are a few ways to both save money and save yourself some headaches in the process.


Vacation Where The U.S. Dollar Is Strong To Stretch Your Money.

Sure, there are not that many places left where the American dollar is strong anymore, but according to Money Magazine, if you look hard enough you can find faraway locales where your dollar will go further. You won’t be going to Paris or London, but you can still have a nice vacation if you are looking to spend what little money you have left in the bank…

Exchange for $1 U.S.: 7.9 Moroccan dirham
With the dollar up 9% against the dirham since mid-July, the souk will be full of deals (we recommend the Berber blankets).


Airline Mile Credit Cards Pay Off Once Again.

In order to fly anywhere at this point in history, you have to show up 2 hours early, bring nothing with you, be manhandled by security, and pay through the nose in order to get a seat. On top of that, the airlines now charge you $15 per bag that you want to check, which means that everyone will try to wedge their over-stuffed suitcases in the overhead compartments, making taking off on time a thing of the past. Fuel prices have increased ticket fares by some huge percentage, meaning a flight from New Mexico to Chicago is now running about $400…for a 2.5 hour flight. Thankfully, we had miles to spend to mitigate the damage to our wallet…


Rent A Mobile Broadband Card For Your Laptop By The Day.

I have been considering picking up a wireless internet card for my laptop for a while now, so I can be connected anywhere we go without having to worry about wi-fi hotspots. The cards themselves are free from most providers, but several of them do not offer unlimited access – they cap you at a certain number of MB’s per day. Sprint seems to be the only one that offers unlimited service, but at $50 a month it is not cheap – that’s at least $600 a year (before fees and taxes and probably a multi-year agreement) for something that I probably would not use that often. So what is a good alternative? How about renting a wireless access card by the day or month?

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