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Get Two Companion Airline Tickets for $134? Sold.

I just got an email from American Airlines (my airline of choice) offering 2 free companion tickets within the domestic U.S. for $134. I took some time to really dig around the information and went ahead and bought the membership to AATravelPerks to get our free tickets along with a bunch of other discounts that […]


Do you need to get your passport quickly? Better cough up some dough.

I remember reading Five Cent Nickel’s post New Passport Requirements for International Travel back in November when he was discussing the new requirements for international travel, and just yesterday I came across this article with some tips on getting your passport quickly, even with all the new rules and regulations surrounding them. So, I figured […]


Learn a Foreign Language for Free.

While I have spent some time abroad, most of the places I have gone have such a firm grasp on English that I never really needed to go any further than use my high school Spanish lessons and what amounted to a “French for Dummies” book. But since my travels might take me to some […]


Airlines charge you more to fly so they dont have to recycle to save money.

According to ENN, airlines do not recycle aluminum cans or paper or plastic from their flights. Jeez…thats just scary. Is that why its so expensive to fly? Want to see some numbers on how much waste is throw away and how much money they are wasting? “-discarding 4,250 tons of aluminum cans and other items […]

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