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An Open Letter To The Readers Of My Two Dollars.

Over the last few weeks I have started writing about my opinions more and more on this site. Whether in regards to the bailout or politics or some other subject, you have been seeing more of my opinion in my posts here at My Two Dollars. While I originally decided to start doing this more often because I was getting very complacent in writing about regular old personal finance subjects, I have decided to tone it down quite a bit for several reasons:


Won’t You Consider Subscribing To My Two Dollars?

I know you old pros are already subscribed, but this is for the newer readers. Did you know you could get every article and update from My Two Dollars delivered right to your email inbox or to your RSS reader? No? Well then this post is for you!

RSS Feeds

For those of you familiar with RSS and News Aggregators, you can add My Two Dollars by clicking RIGHT HERE. Every time My Two Dollars is updated, you will get the content delivered right to your reader of choice. I recommend NetNewsWire or Google Reader to manage RSS feeds, but there are a lot of them out there.


New Look For My Two Dollars Is Live.

But still in testing phase. So if anyone comes across any bugs or sees anything weird, I would appreciate you letting me know if you have a second. Thanks!


Merry Christmas From My Two Dollars.

Hope everyone is safe and having a great day. Merry Christmas!


Happy Thanksgiving.

Just wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving – hope you all have a wonderful and safe day. :-)

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