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Don’t Get Ripped Off, Hide Your Data In A Chapstick Tube.


Now this is an idea that I wish I had come up with, I might have to try it at home. I am always talking about keeping your data secure and with you so that no one has access to it and you have it in case of emergency. Well, now you do not have to worry about anyone stealing it because no one wants your used Chapstick!

You can go see how it was made at And here is the blog of the guy that made it in the first place!


Customer Service Nowadays Is Just Plain Awful.

But now there is something you can do about it. I am sure that most people have already seen this, but since I used it this morning for a few utility issues I had to iron out, I figured I would mention it again as a reminder. If you need to find a number that goes to a live person or what keys to press once you get in the phone tree at a company, just check out From the site:


Happy Valentine’s Day Honey, We Are Joining The Mile High Club.


This is just…..insane. And a complete waste of money. What ever happened to going in the restroom of that 757 and doing your business? Ok ok, neither I nor anyone I know has ever done it, but still. For “only” £750, you too can enjoy 90 minutes in a private plane to join the mile high club. Seriously, if you have that much extra money around, can’t you find a better use for it?

No? Ok then, have at it.

The Guardian


My Thoughts On Keeping Personal Finances Personal.

After reading the post over at The Weight of Money titled “Keep Personal Finances Personal” I started thinking about what Donna said. Then I went and read through not only my last 20 posts or so, but also went through the latest posts on and to see what they looked like.


Forget Money Restraint; Doomsday Clock Moves Closer To Midnight.

Forget personal responsibility…forget paying off debt…forget saving for a rainy day…SPEND IT WHILE YOU GOT IT! The Doomsday Clock has moved 2 minutes closer to midnight; if you have money, go buy a plasma tv! Go on vacation! Buy yourself a Starbucks coffee this morning!

The Doomsday Clock: Nuclear threat to world ‘rising’

Just kidding. Well, not about the Doomsday Clock, that is for real. But as for spending all your money, until that hand moves to 1 minute before midnight, I think I will keep saving and trying to be frugal with my money. With the 10,000,000 stories this morning about the Doomsday Clock, one would think we were all about to die.

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