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$9 Billion Of Your Tax Dollars Is Spent Dealing With Marijuana Laws Each Year.

I am the kind of person that understands that the government spends my tax dollars on a lot of things that I do not agree with. It comes along with being a citizen in this country in that everyone has some percentage of their tax dollars spent on things they think are stupid. I also […]


Do I Need A $700 Office Task Chair For My Home Office?

Ok readers…if anyone of you have any experience with this, please let me know. As I have mentioned before, I work from home, both as an employee for a company and a freelancer. So I spend about 9 hours a day sitting in my home office staring at a computer screen. And yes, it can […]


Extra Income – Why It Pays To Put In A Little Work To Make A Little More.

In our quest to become financially independent, my wife and I often dream up ways to make some extra money. Sometimes these ideas are so off the wall that only she and I find them “reasonable”, and other times they could actually fly as real ideas. There have been several times when one of us […]


Tuesday Morning Money – Wife Started School Edition.

My wife is back in school now for her last semester, and I am a bachelor again. Yeah! Oops, I mean, I cannot wait for the semester to be over. She is so busy with work and school and homework that I often feel like a single gent. Except I am not and I know […]


A Free Retirement Checkup from a Financial Advisor

For anyone looking for a quick checkup of their retirement planning to see if they are on track for the future, Kiplinger’s and NAPFA (National Association of Personal Finance Advisors) are having their 5th annual “Jump-Start Your Retirement Plan Days” on Tuesday January 16th and Friday January 26th, from 9am to 6pm eastern time. This […]

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