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Best Part Time Summer Jobs for College Students

In between my years at college, I worked a wide variety of summer jobs. I worked as a car detailer for an auto auction house, I swept floors in a hair salon, I worked security for an aerospace company, and I manned a cart in the middle of a popular mall. None of these jobs […]


Best Companies to Work for in the US – Top Employers & Their Benefits

Think you have it good at your job? You might, but maybe not as good as some of these employees have it. (Then again, even having a job in this economy can be considered good – but I digress.) Fortune Magazine has released their annual Top 100 Employers To Work For List for 2010, and […]


21 Crazy Ways To Make Extra Money.

Looking for extra cash either because of the holidays or because of your underemployment? Look no further than these 21 “interesting” ways you can make money part time. After all, we all need a little excitement and diversity in our lives, right? Right? Compost all your kitchen scraps and sell it to gardeners. Become a […]


The Best Places For Green Tech Jobs.

Considering ditching your current employer and looking for better pastures in the field of green tech? Now might be a good time to do so, according to CNN/Money. A recent article from them lists the best cities poised to do the best in clean, green tech, so if you live near one (or don’t mind […]


UK Government Promoting More Work/Life Balance.

This is definitely something that we here in the United States need to learn from. It’s not about how many hours a day you work, it’s about how well you work during the hours that you do work. For example, when Best Buy switched their work policy to judge performance on output instead of hours […]

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