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Tips For Budgeting When You Are Self-Employed.

I have been self-employed for almost 4 years now, and let me tell you – budgeting can be very difficult when your income is sporadic at best! Some months I make more than others and some I get paid right on time, so budgeting during those times is easy as there is money coming in […]


Best Places To Start A Business.

I just finished reading an article over at CNN/Money about the 50 best places to launch a business and thought I would point it out to those of you thinking of doing the same. While some of the expected locales are listed, like NYC, Charlotte NC and Connecticut, there are a ton of places on […]


When A High-Paying Job Was $10,000 Per Year.

Remember back when I wrote about inheriting my grandfathers’ old tools? Well, this past weekend I finally got around to taking every tool out of every toolbox, arranging them all over my workbench and the floor in order to clearly see what I had on my hands. Turns out it was quite a lot – […]


What Was The Worst Job You Have Ever Had?

In a sort of follow-up post to yesterday’s “How To Go About Finding A Job Online“, I thought it would be fun to ask you guys what the worst job you ever had was. Most of us have had those particular jobs that were just really bad for whatever reason, and I am no exception […]


How To Go About Finding A Job Online.

While the job market may be tight, and getting that perfect job custom-designed for you might be out of reach for a bit, it doesn’t mean that you should just give up hope. My brother was unemployed for 4+ months before finding another gig — and while it’s not exactly what he wanted, it is […]

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