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Does Your Salary Match Your True Hourly Wage?

Sure, your salary agreement may say $50,000 per year…but how many hours are you working to attain that $50,000? If you are working a straight 40 hour week and taking 2 weeks off per year, you are making a very decent hourly wage of $25. If you are working a 60 hour week and taking […]


Laid Off? How To Protect Your Financial Security.

Once again, my favorite money-management newsletter comes to the rescue for those of you struggling with your finances after being laid off. I read the newsletter from T. Rowe Price religiously every month, and when I come across something worthwhile, I like sharing it with you guys. While there are many things people can do […]


If You Could Pick Your Benefits At Work, What Would You Pick?

Although in this economy, you might not have a choice – and you might be lucky to get a lollipop on your way back to your cubicle. But if you could pick, and/or if you are in the position as a business owner, than hopefully this post will garner a little bit of a discussion […]


Layoffs At Your Company? More Work For Same Pay, But It’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing.

After all, it means you still have a job. Many people have been looking for work for month and even years, so knowing you still have a desk to sit at for your company is just about worth the price you might pay. My brother spent almost 5 months unemployed for the second time in […]


Should You Start A Business During The Recession?

Due to some pressing issues here on the homefront, I will be running a few guest posts this week. The following is a post by DebtKid, who writes about his journey to get out of debt, and achieve financial stability. He runs a small software development company in Seattle and just launched a new coupon […]

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