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How to Make Ends Meet When You Can’t Find a Good Job.

The following is a guest post by Lynnae from Being, a blog about frugal living and getting out of debt. If you enjoyed this post, subscribe to Being Frugal’s RSS feed. When my husband lost his job three weeks ago, we had no idea how long he’d be out of work. We also knew […]


Ten Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Today.

10. You got 2 out of the 6 numbers on last weeks lottery and you are sure that you are now getting close to hitting 3 of them. It’s only a matter of time before you hit all 6. 9. Your cubicle was moved next to the restroom last week and today your office went […]


One Year Ago This Month I Quit My Job. How Has It Been So Far?

Actually, it was September 1st of last year, but who is counting. Close enough, right? Either way, about a year ago I up and quit my job. After many discussions at home with the wife and a little advance financial planning, I walked into my job of 4 years and gave my notice. No one […]


Negotiating Pay And Perks With A New Employer. has an interesting little article up about how negotiating with an employer is like playing poker: Deal with the Dealer If you want to stay in consideration for the job, you may have to put these chips on the table. Know Your Hand In salary negotiations, if you have unique skills or experience, highly […]


Sometimes, It Pays To Spend More On A Mac.

Sometimes, you just have to spend a little more. Quality of life is important, and I know there are hardcore Windows users out there, but occasionally you just have to spend a little more to get something that just works. About 6 years ago I switched to using Apple computers and I never looked back. […]

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