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Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home.

As readers of this site know, back in September of 2006 I left my steady 4 year old job to see what else was out there.  And luck would have it that I landed something right away that lets me work from home on my own terms, and allows me time to work on other […]


I Won The Lottery And Got A Great Job Offer All In One Day.

This week has brought me some incredible news, as on Wednesday it looks like I won some money in the lottery, and just yesterday I got a new job offer. Can you believe the luck? Here is the letter I got about the lottery: FROM THE DESK OF THE PROMOTIONS MANAGER, EUROPEAN UNION INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS […]


Would You Turn In A Tax Cheat For Cash?

If your best friend or a family member was filing a fraudulent tax return, would you turn them in? I mean, if they are not paying their fair share, that means everyone else is eventually going to have to cover it for them…so should you turn them in? The IRS is trying to convince you […]


Want To See How The Government Wastes Your Tax Dollars?

We all know that the government tends to spend a lot of our tax dollars unwisely, but just HOW bad is it? The people over at Citizens Against Government Waste have just released their 2007 PIG Book, which is an annual compilation of the pork-barrel projects in the federal budget. This years book has 2,658 […]


No Need To Quit Your Job, Just Take Out The Boss. Kinda.

I had to post this as it made me laugh out loud. If you cannot afford to quit your job, there could be another way to get revenge on your boss with the “Boss Toss”. And it is only $4.99! Product: OfficePlayground via Gizmodo

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