Starbucks Health Insurance & Part Time Employment Jobs With Benefits

I do not have health insurance. In fact, I have not had health insurance for exactly one year. (Yes, I did apply once, but in Colorado where I no longer live) Why? Because insurance companies would not let me buy it from them due to me having had skin cancer in the past. I did have insurance when I was married through my wife’s work, and I always had it through my previous employees, but now that I am self-employed and with a pre-existing condition, I go without health insurance. I have paid through the nose for small surgeries and usually visit health clinics for smaller issues, and will be applying for the new California pre-existing condition health plan (unless Republicans in Congress repeal it, which I hope for my sake and others they don’t) starting next month. But for the past 12 months, I have been without health insurance — not by choice, mind you — and it’s quite scary. Before I found out that a plan will be in place for people like me, I had been trying to come up with ways to get insurance, and one of those ways included finding a small part-time job that offers insurance.


How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

Think you don’t have enough open credit? Have a major purchase coming up, like buying a car with a credit card to get more reward points? If so, you may want to give some thought to asking your credit card issuer for an increase in your credit limit, which is actually a pretty painless process. But before you do so, you may want to give some thought to a few things you should take care of before applying. Here are 5 things you should know before asking for a credit line increase:


What Is a Good Credit Score Rating For a Mortgage or Loan?

Your credit score can make or break many situations in your life. From renting an apartment, to getting a job, to buying a car, to getting a mortgage, your credit score is incredibly important. Last time I checked I had a credit score of 800, which probably helped me to get my current rental over some of the other potential tenants. But what what determines the score that you have, and what number makes for a good credit score? Let’s take a look.

Your credit score is based upon five major criteria set forth by Fair Isaac, the creators of the scoring system called FICO, which TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax use to tabulate your score:


How To Save Money on Cheap Batteries – Rechargeable Batteries & Charger Worth It?

Imagine a world without batteries for a minute. No remote controls, no cell phones, no laptop computers, no flashlights, no wireless mice. It would be quite a different world if batteries were not so commonplace! The problem with having batteries in everything, however, is that we have an almost constant need for new batteries, which can get costly over time. When it comes time to purchase and/or replace the batteries in your home, it can really pay off to be smart about what kind you buy, along with how and where you buy them.


Where to Sell Your Used College Textbooks Online For Cash – 10 Best Places & Sites

I hate to really age myself, but when I was in college we only had one place to try to sell our textbooks – the same exact store we bought it from in the first place. And that store, of course, was the school bookstore. Yes, I was in college before the internet was as widespread as it is now, and I didn’t even send my first email until the second half of my senior year. And it was only to the guy sitting across from me in the computer lab! But let’s get back to the textbooks. Back then, the bookstore bought and sold all the books we would need for the year, and you were lucky if you got back any of your money at the end of class. The internet has changed that game, though, and now there are tons of options for both saving money on purchasing your books as well as selling them to other students looking for a deal on a used textbook.

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