Give The Gift Of Saving Money This Holiday.

I just finished reading an article over at Kiplingers called 12 Gift Ideas That Save Money for the Recipient and was pleasantly surprised that it actually was what it proclaimed to be rather than just another list of “stuff” we don’t really need. It’s nice when a mainstream article gives people info about actually helping others to save money rather than just spending it! So if you are looking for last minute gifts to give to those you love, check out some of the things on this list – you would be doing them a huge favor by getting them any of these as presents. I put my thoughts on each next to them, just in case anyone in my family is reading this!


Money Quote Friday – Weather Forecasts & Economists Edition.

Isn’t it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?” — Kelvin Throop III

So very, very true. Like either of them really know what is gonna happen! Anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend and holiday. Posting will be light and sporadic over the holidays as I take some much needed time off and away. :)


Save Hundreds Of Dollars (Every Year) By Drinking Filtered Tap Water.

Let’s say you currently buy water in plastic bottles for your everyday water consumption. And let’s say you consume three .5 liter bottles per day, give or take. That’s 90 .5 liter bottles per month, or 1,080 per year. (An average day could be more or less depending on your situation, so I just picked a number). To see how much that would cost you per year, I wandered over to the Staples website and saw a 24 pack of .5 liter plastic bottles on sale for $7.00. At $7 for 24 bottles, it would cost you at least $315 for a year’s worth of water in little plastic bottles. Wanna know how much it costs me for water at my house? $1.91 per every 1,000 gallons – meaning I would have to DRINK over 500 gallons of water a day, for a year, to spend as much as some people do on the plastic bottles filled with it. That’s insane. In fact, if the water we use at home cost what even cheap the stuff costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000. Yes, you read that right – $9,000 per month. And there is no way I am spending my hard earned cash on filtered tap water in plastic bottles! In fact, I carry my Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go so I never have to. And did you know that:


Cut Your Grocery Bill With A Cookbook And Some Real Food.

Looking for a real way to cut that grocery bill? Tired of spending hours every weekend cutting coupons for frozen, pre-packaged, processed food? I know of a much easier way – buy yourself a good cookbook and learn to cook. Don’t believe me? In the last 3 weeks I have bought only fresh fruits and vegetables to cook with and have significantly cut my grocery bill. And that is with buying from Whole Foods! For years I always bought a ton of organic prepared foods and then some raw vegetables to do some cooking with, but now that I have switched away from that entirely and am buying “raw” food every week, my bill has really gone down by quote a bit. Plus, the colors look nice:


Three Savings Tips For A ‘Less-Stress’ Family Holiday.

Shops are buzzing, bells are jingling, and halls are being decked. The energy of the holiday season is palpable, but what is the best way to make merry without fretting over incoming January bills? Get the whole family involved with three simple activities to create a holiday celebration that will save you money, teach your kids financial literacy and let you get back to enjoying time with your family.

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