How a $3.85 Drink At Starbucks Affects Your Bottom Line.

So, you are a Starbucks junkie. You cannot stop yourself from getting that latte or mocha every morning. Maybe some shocking figures will help you? Ok, let’s get started:

Let’s say you buy just one, ONE latte a week. Every Monday. Let’s say in your Starbucks the cost is $3.85. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? About $15 dollars a month, thats pocket change! But what if you invested just that $3.85 every Monday instead?

$3.85 invested every week into an interest bearing account (say 5%) over 20 years turns into about $6,876.

Wow, pretty cool. But still, you are not willing to give it up.

Over 30 years, that $3.85 every week adds up to about $13,933. Wow, it doubled in just 10 more years time!

Now, lets say you have a real problem with Starbucks. A few times a week, you stop in and get your drink. How about 3 times a week?

$3.85 X 3 times a week = $11.55 per week. Still, not too much money, about $45 per month.

But what if you invested that $11.55 every week instead?

In the course of 20 years, that $11.55 per week in a 5% savings account would add up to about $20,630. Over 30 years? About $41,801…it doubled again!

Just in case you are wondering, the main point is not a cup of Starbucks coffee and how much it can cost you over time. It’s the little things you have to think of…Starbucks here, donut there, Snickers bar here, new T-shirt you didn’t need there…One more math equation and you can rest…

Let’s say you spend about $25 a week on random crap..whatever that may be. $25 invested every week, at 5%, comes out to about $44,653 in 20 years. See how that works? If putting away only $25 per week adds up to that much, imagine what putting away $50 per week or $75 per week or more comes out to. (psst – $75 a week, or $300 a month for 20 years comes out to about $125,000.)

It’s the little things….think before you buy, it might affect your long term bottom line. But still, sometimes take the time to buy a cup of coffee. Again, its the little things that make life worth living as well!


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There really is a wealth of information here and its all free…the guy running the site offers things you can sign up for and pay for, but all the videos are free, easy to understand, and worth your time investment to watch. If you want to help your site out, I recommend checking out the site Tubetorial.


I have found the perfect car insurance company and it’s name is…

Yep, I have. Well, I think so anyway. I have lived in California for 11 years and I have always had the same company up until this year….I wont name names, but after someone totaled my brand new Audi and then they blamed me for it, I decided to leave. Searching searching…and I come across a company called Wawanesa Insurance. Wawa-who? Wawanesa. I did some research on them and found they had been around for years and I couldn’t find any major complaints about them on the internet. This is what I found out:

(Oh, and. – I dont work for them nor get paid for this or whatever you may be thinking. I just like them and they saved me a lot of money)

They answer the phone! -What a novel idea… With my last company, every time I wanted something other than signing up again, it would take 30 minutes to get someone on the phone.

They let me pay every month! – My last company made me pay in weird installments of 3 months on, 1 off, 3 months on, 2 off or something like that. So my payments were much higher as I had months off from paying. Now its more reasonable because I pay every month.

They saved me about $800 per year. Yep. $800. AND…my deductible is only $500 instead of $1000 like on the other policy. AND my coverage is higher.

How can they do all that? I asked myself the same question, and I found out why…they don’t insure just anyone. You have to be a good driver to even get insurance from them. So, they can keep their costs down because we don’t have to cover for the bad drivers…Brilliant! Anyways, if you are looking for new insurance, check out Wawanesa. We really like them and they saved us money.

NOTE – I didn’t put a link to them because I don’t want anyone thinking its an affiliate or anything…Google them if you want more info!


If you must spend $600 on a game, how to get your hands on a PS3.

Personally, I think all the hoopla about the Playstation3 is bull. Its a video game for God’s sake…not a way to save the planet or feed some hungry children. It’s a G.A.M.E.. Sorry to all of you out there that just have to have the newest system the day it comes out, but after reading about:

People fighting over the game.
People shooting each other over the game.
People getting robbed over the game.
People selling the game on Ebay for $11,000.
People actually standing in line for days for the game.

I cant take it anymore.

And also, to the parents saying they HAD to get the game for their kids for Christmas, I have had it. Honestly, unless you are LOADED beyond belief, there are so many more things you could do with $600. Open a savings account. Buy a month or 2 worth of groceries. Pay off a credit card. Take your child on a vacation. Sign them up for some classes. Cannot find anything else to do? Give it to Sally Struthers and help her feed some kids in a third world country somewhere. Anything but the game.

Everyone knows the game will drop in price and be available everywhere a month after Christmas. Why go through all the crap when you can get it in a month? I know why…so you can impress your friends by saying “I got a PS3”, thats why.

Now, before everyone starts telling me off, I enjoy the occasional video game. I even have an Xbox….the old one, that is. And it works just fine and dandy. Sure, the bullets don’t actually come off the screen and hit me like they do with a PS3 (it does that, right?), but it works.

Anyways…to the “point” of this post….if you MUST BE ABLE TO GET THE GAME, SmartMoney has some tips for you, but first:

*Note – SmartMoney can’t be too smart if they think its smart to spend $600 on a video game. Sorry. Anyways, on we go…

A West Bend, Wis., man sustained a dislocated jaw when he was shoved into a telephone pole while racing for one of 10 empty chairs “” thats how the local Wal-Mart decided to raffle off its available units. Noting the price tag, armed thugs targeted cash-carrying consumers: One man was shot during an attempted robbery at a Putnam, Conn., Wal-Mart; three others were mugged near a Target in Springfield, Ore. In Lexington, Ky., four Best Buy customers were sprayed with BB pellets in a drive-by shooting.

Now that is what I call Christmas spirit!

On to their “tips”:

Focus on wait lists.
Call your local retailers and ask to be put on their wait list, suggests Dahlen. Theres safety in numbers “” the more lists youre on, the better your chance of snagging a console.

Hit the stores “” again and again and again.
Dont bother calling around to see who has units in stock, Broady says. “Theyre never going to hold one for you.” Just hit the store, and head straight to the videogame section. Plenty of places wont be putting the units out on the floor. “Theyre afraid of a frenzy,” he says. Ask, and you may be in luck.

Mind the limits.
Remember, there are very few units available. Now that the initial launch is completed, its unlikely any given store will get in more than a handful of units at a time. “If you go somewhere and see a line, thats the wrong place,” Broady says.

Try eBay “” with caution.
If you simply must have a PS3 before the holidays, by all means hit the auction web sites. But we wouldnt recommend it. Most units are going for more than $2,000, and we spotted three auctions bid up to an eye-popping $11,000. Youll also have to worry about potential rip-offs, like sellers who dont actually have the item in hand.

Complicating the matter, plenty of sellers are auctioning the Japanese version of the console. “I would highly advise anyone against buying a Japanese version,” warns Broady. The included Blu-ray DVD technology will be coded for a different region. “You wont be able to play your DVDs,” he says. And you may have glitches in your videogames down the line.

Give up.
Waiting is your best solution, says Dahlen. The console should be more readily available after the holidays, because fewer people will be rushing to buy it as a gift. Parents should also consider waiting if their child is excited about an as-yet-unreleased game. “

The only good tips in this article? Telling you you might get shot if you try to buy the game and the last part about waiting.

Please, for the love of all things sane and reasonable, either wait till they are everywhere and spend your $600 on the game, or do something worthwhile with your $600 and buy your kid something a little more reasonably priced.

And for those I have offended, I apologize. But…its a game. Relax.