October 17-24 Is National Protect Your Identity Week.

In about 2 weeks, the nonprofit organization National Foundation for Credit Counseling, has teamed up with Council of Better Business Bureaus to bring you Protect Your Identity Week, taking place October 17-24th. Did you know that last year alone, about 10 million Americans were victims of identity theft? No? Me neither. A few years back one of my friends was a victim and it took her several months to recover from the damage. But during Protect Your Identity Week, you can visit www.ProtectYourIDNow.org, to take a quiz and assess your risk of ID theft and learn helpful tips to keep you and your family safe. Education is key to prevent your ID from being stolen.



A New Toyota Corolla For Only $9 A Day!

But if you do the math, that’s still $270 a month – for a Toyota Corolla. Now how good does that deal sound? A local Toyota dealer is blasting this ad all over the airways here (radio & TV) in an effort to trick buyers into thinking how affordable a new Toyota is. “Only $9 A Day!” sure sounds like a deal at first listen, doesn’t it? How many people will hear that ad and rush into the dealership to pick out their new car? I am betting a bunch – it’s actually a very good marketing idea, and I will give kudos to the ad department for coming up with it. I mean, if a latte at Starbucks costs $3.50 and people gladly pay it every morning, it should be an easy sell to get people into a new car for only a few bucks more!

But to put it in perspective, I currently pay well under $300 a month for my Subaru Forester — and I paid under $400 for my Audi back in my high-rolling days. Don’t fall for these types of advertising campaigns, as they are designed to make you think you aren’t spending that much money every day on your new car. $9 a day may not sound like much, but it is $270 a month and/or $3,240 a year if you extend out your calculations. If you want to spend that kind of money on a new car, make sure that A. you can afford it and B. it’s car you want. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Toyota Corolla, but I definitely would not pay almost $300 a month for one.


Amazing what these companies come up with…

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Ask For Any Specials Or A Discount When Renting An Apartment.

Some of you may remember that a while back I wrote an article titled 10 Tips For First-Time Apartment Renters that outlined 10 things I thought were important for when you go apartment hunting. However, I have a new one to add to the list – to ask for a discount or a special on your new place, especially if it is one of those bigger complexes that have a manager on-site. As I mentioned yesterday, I am packing again for a move out of this house and into an apartment, so trust me on this one – I just asked for, and received, a huge deal on my new home. (More on why I am moving in a later post)

The place I am moving to is a big complex with absolutely beautiful apartments. But with the economy the way it is today, not a lot of people are moving to new homes – they are staying put and waiting it out. So right now, many apartment buildings are looking for new residents and ways to entice them to move to their building – offering things like upgraded appliances, 12 month rent discounts, gym memberships, etc.. When I found my new home, I noticed that they were running 2 different specials at the time:

1. No security deposit on approved credit (No problem there, my credit score hovers around 800)
2. 1/2 month free rent with a 12 month lease

For Rent Sign

Both were really great deals, especially #1, as oftentimes they want a full month’s rent as a security deposit. But with my excellent credit, I wouldn’t have to give them a dime to move in. Score! But #2 intrigued me, as I wondered that if they were willing to give away 1/2 month free rent…would they be willing to give away an entire month’s free rent?

So I asked.

And I received.

The manager agreed to give me my first month’s rent for absolutely nothing if I signed a lease before the end of October – meaning November is free. That is a savings of $1,300 that I can put towards my moving costs. And if I hadn’t asked, I would have only gotten $650 off my rent, so a simple 1 sentence question saved me an additional $650. Throw in the fact that I don’t have to pay a security deposit either, and my total savings on move-in add up to $2,600. That’s no pocket change, and all I had to do was ask.

So next time you move into an apartment, make sure you ask if there are any discounts or specials they can provide.
If they like you, and you have good credit, you just may save yourself a small fortune!

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Sunday Money Roundup – It’s Packing Time Again Edition.

For reasons that I will write about in an upcoming post, I am packing up to move…again. This will be the 3rd move in the last 1.5 years and I am not looking forward to it. I will, of course, hire some guys to do the heavy lifting for me, but I despise the whole act of packing up all your belongings and then unpacking them a few days later. More on this to come, but for now let’s move on to the roundup…

BudgetPulse has a post that is right up my alley – Budgeting on a Freelancer’s Salary.

My Dollar Plan is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to celebrate her 1,000,000th visitor. Congrats Madison!

Cash Money Life tells us about the Federal Tax Return Deadline.

Money Crashers gives us 11 Ways To Exercise and Be Healthy While Saving Money. I could use this post for sure!

Millionaire Money Habits has some Common Tax Deductions You Can Prepare For Now.

Debt Kid talks about how to make your hobby work for you. I am with you 100% on this one – I haven’t had a “job” in almost 4 years!

Simplified Financial Lifestyle asks if your personal finances ready for the unexpected?

Moolanomy has some Home Renovations That Pay Off.

Mrs. Micah asks Should Debtors Prisons Make a Comeback? Interesting idea!

Five Cent Nickel gives us Seven Search Tips to Help You Save Money with Google. Google is good for so much, and now you can use it to save money too.


Money Quote Friday – Peace Pilgrim Edition

Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.“ — Peace Pilgrim quote

You got that right! Hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend.

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