What Do You Use As A Wallet?

I remember growing up that my Dad had a wallet the size of Texas stuffed in his back pocket. I think every receipt from everything he had ever bought was being stored in there, along with a plethora of credit cards, work ID’s, insurance cards, business cards, and pictures of us kids. His back must have been killing him all those years! And while I never carried around that much stuff with me, I have always had a full-size wallet in my rear right pocket. A few credit cards, a few bucks, my license, my insurance card, a couple of business cards, and some random receipts was all that I carried – until a few weeks ago when I switched to a money clip only. I received this clip a few years back as a wedding gift/favor, and it had been sitting in my dresser drawer ever since. But now that I have switched over to it, I couldn’t be happier. Take a look:

money clip

All I carry now is my ID, 1 credit card, 1 debit card, 1 business card, and a few dollars – that’s it. It fits in my left front pocket without much ado (my right front pocket holds my iPhone), both protecting me from pickpockets and from backaches. I love my new setup, as I have realized I just don’t need to carry that much stuff around with me 24/7!

So this leads me to the reason for this post — what do you guys use to carry your money/credit cards/ID’s? A regular wallet? A money clip? A rubber band? What do you use? I am curious as to what the readers use to carry their “stuff” around each day. Let me know!


Time For Another Free Gift Card From MyPoints.

For those of you who don’t remember, back in November of last year I redeemed over 14,000 points from my MyPoints account for a $100 gift card to Amazon.com. Those points were just some of my balance that I had acquired over time for reading emails sent to me from MyPoints. Well, the emails are still coming and so are the points! I have almost 10,000 points in my account, and I plan on redeeming 7,500 of them for a $50.00 Amazon.com gift card. For about a minute a day, at most, of looking at a few emails, I keep getting these free gift cards once or twice a year. It’s not a bad deal if you ask me!

You can redeem the points in your account for gift cards from all sorts of merchants, from CVS to Marriott hotels to Kohls – there are a ton available. And for some cool ways to earn bonus points right now on the site when you sign up, you can check these out:

  • Sign up for Netflix or Blockbuster home video delivery and get 1,000 points
  • Get 10 points per dollar spent at Barnes & Noble
  • Receive 5,000 points for filling out a form for insurance quotes
  • Get 300 points for buying printer ink from 123InkJets

The one thing I would advise you to do would be to make/get another email address to use for MyPoints so the emails they send don’t get mixed up with your “regular” email. But after years of using them, I have never had any problems with spam or anything else. If you aren’t using them, you are missing out on free gift cards for a tiny amount of work – I highly recommend their service. I know people always have reservations signing up for these types of things, but I can tell you firsthand that I have nothing but positive things to say about them.


50% Of Poll Respondents Chose Wal-Mart As Best Symbol Of America.

And if that doesn’t spell trouble for the old U. S. of A., then I don’t know what does. A massive retail giant that sells crappy goods that most of us don’t actually need, that don’t last the test of time and need to be replaced often, and that put a big portion of our population into debt each year as the symbol of America? Uh-oh. As if it is not enough that Wal-Mart comes into towns and puts small businesses out of business, or finds ways around paying for health insurance for their employees, or basically continues the cycle of poverty by selling their own cheap products to the very people who work there for minimum wage – now they are the “symbol of America” for nearly 50% of the respondents to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll. This is very disappointing.

This is, no doubt, a result of our consumer-driven culture to “get, get, get” as much as you can – which in my mind only leads to negative stuff like debt, depression, anxiety, and crime. Is it any wonder we are a nation of depressed, overweight, miserable people when our idea of a good time is heading to Wal-Mart or Target to go shopping for more stuff we don’t need? For stuff we want to use to try to impress others with? Not really – and seeing that 50% of people think a big-box store best exemplifies the U.S.A. is incredibly sad. We have become a nation of consuming sheep who go to jobs we don’t really like just to go shopping on weekends.

There is more to life than working and shopping – I just hope these people find it sooner rather than later. What do you think about this?

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Be Frugal, But Don’t Be A Cheap Bastard.

I always talk on here about watching your spending, staying out of debt, to stop spending on useless “stuff” that doesn’t bring real benefit to your life, etc.. But that doesn’t mean you should be a cheap bastard with your money, either. (more…)


Sunday Money Roundup – Colorado Rockies Edition.

And by Colorado Rockies, I mean the baseball team, not the mountain range. While living in New Mexico is/has been fun, there is one thing I truly miss – and that’s professional sports. See, NM doesn’t have a SINGLE professional sports team, and I have never lived somewhere where I couldn’t get a ticket to a game within an hour or 2 drive. So this weekend I went to a Rockies game with my best friend and his 4 year old son in Denver and we had a blast. I miss professional baseball and look forward to the day when I can go to baseball games on a regular basis again. On to the roundup…

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