Sunday Money Roundup – Woodsmoke & Coffee Edition.

As I was assembling this post this morning, I was sitting on my couch watching the sun rise, smelling the smoke from all the wood being burnt overnight, and enjoying a cup of organic french press coffee. It was perfect. Sometimes, even though our lives don’t allow us to experience them, it really is the simple things that provide the most happiness and contentment, no? On to the roundup…

Steadfast Finances asks Could a Digital, Peer-to-Peer Currency Replace Your National Currency?

Five Cent Nickel wants you to Avoid Overdraft Fees With a “Balance Buffer”.

The Frugal Duchess has some tips for finding cheap food at airports.

Mrs. Micah tells us what our credit card companies can and cannot do.

Get Rich Slowly has a helpful guest post from Adam Baker titled 11 Ways to Spice Up Your Emergency Fund.

Lazy Man & Money is dealing with Cease and Desist letters from MonaVie. I call bullsh*t on MV.

Money Smart Life wants you to use Licensed Contractors for Home Improvement Projects.

On Simple.Organized.Life. I talked about simplifying my computer setup at home.

Squawkfox gives us a helpful post up titled “5 Ways To Be Prepared for Costly Natural Disasters“.

Frugal For Life has a very interesting article up about stocking your pantry and if that can be considered greedy. What do you think?


Money Quote Friday – Content Your Spirit Edition.

Any so-called material thing that you want is merely a symbol: you want it not for itself, but because it will content your spirit for the moment.” — Mark Twain

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


What Was The Worst Job You Have Ever Had?

In a sort of follow-up post to yesterday’s “How To Go About Finding A Job Online“, I thought it would be fun to ask you guys what the worst job you ever had was. Most of us have had those particular jobs that were just really bad for whatever reason, and I am no exception — I have had a few jobs that I just hated! I have been working since I was 13 years old and have done some pretty random jobs:

  • Swept the floors in a hair salon.
  • Prepared cars for auction (my worst job ever).
  • Was a paperboy for many, many years.
  • Did construction for a bit.
  • Worked behind the counter at a drugstore.
  • Ran one of those carts at the mall selling crap.
  • Did a stint with an internet startup that then folded.
  • Worked at 2 major movie studios.
  • Was Director of Programming for a TV station.
  • Traveled around the US filming car shows.
  • Sold TV programming in Europe.
  • And currently working for myself writing, editing, and doing web design.

In case you missed it, the worst job I ever had was the one where we prepared cars for auction. These cars would come in completely trashed and we would have to make them look brand new. It was horrible. What was the worst job you have ever had?


How To Go About Finding A Job Online.

While the job market may be tight, and getting that perfect job custom-designed for you might be out of reach for a bit, it doesn’t mean that you should just give up hope. My brother was unemployed for 4+ months before finding another gig — and while it’s not exactly what he wanted, it is a well-paying job in his field so he couldn’t be happier about it. I have been self-employed for almost 4 years now, and thus have not had to look for a job in a long time, but I came across an article on CNN Money that I thought had some great tips I could share with those of you looking for a new job. Here are the general tips from the article on how to find a job online, but click over to it if any of it looks like it could be helpful to you:

  • Pinpoint the jobs you might want.
  • Take your cue from the job descriptions.
  • Rewrite your resume for each opening.
  • Create a heading on each resume that says “Interest Areas.”
  • Then — and only then — apply for the jobs that interest you.
  • Keep customizing your resume, and updating your online profiles.

photo from shutterstock

While using some of their tips can surely help you land your next job, for me the biggest key would be to be patient. It is going to take some time if you want to work somewhere other than your local McDonald’s. So put in the time and effort for your search and it will pay off – eventually. Have patience!


2GB Free Online Storage From Dropbox.com

The bulk of this article was originally posted at my sister site, Simple.Organized.Life. Some of you may wonder why I am posting this here on My Two Dollars, but the reason should be obvious — frugality! Who can’t use 2 GB of free online storage?

I have talked before about how I have 2 computers – my MacBookPro and my MacPro Tower. While I am in the process of consolidating everything to my brand new laptop, occasionally I find myself working on the desktop when I need a bigger screen for photo or video editing…and then needing a file that is back on the laptop. And if the laptop isn’t on and connected to my network, I have to go through the process of booting it up, connecting to the network, sending the file to the desktop, etc.. Or at least I would have had to do that…but no more. I am now using something called Dropbox which allows me to sync files between computers, access them from anywhere, even on different operating systems, and let’s me also share files with anyone else I want to give access to. When you put something in your “dropbox”, it is instantly available on any other computer where you have it installed – pretty cool, right? I can even access the files on my iPhone. And while another of my favorite pieces of software, Evernote, is fantastic for syncing notes and web clippings, Dropbox lets you backup/save/sync/access any kind of file.

The best part? They give you 2GB of storage and syncing for free. And in my book, nothing beats free online storage for files or backups. I don’t even have a paid account yet, as I just use my free 2GB to store things I know I might need to use on the other computer sometime. For my needs at this very moment, the free account does me just fine. And, for every friend you introduce to Dropbox, they will give both you and your friend free 250 MB of bonus space up to 3 GB. (That includes you and I – we’re friends, right?) It has allowed me to clean up my act on the files I need to access on both my computers and has never given me any problem at all. I feel de-cluttered and organized, knowing I can access those files from anywhere and they are no longer on both computers in different stages of completion/use.

Even if you never buy more space from them, having 2 GB of free storage online is very convenient for accessing some files or sending a large file to a friend or colleague. Besides, did I mention it’s free?

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