US Taxpayers Pay Less Taxes Than Citizens In Other Countries.

You think your taxes are bad? I don’t necessarily think I pay too much in taxes (although I would like to see waste cut back on, for sure, so the taxes I do pay actually go further than they do), but when you look at the tax rates for the rest of the world, the people of the United States actually pay less taxes per person than most other countries. In the US, the tax rates for mostnormally falls between 15% and 35% of income, but if you look around the globe at some other countries, even the 35% doesn’t sound all that bad…


Money Fallacies We Thought Were True As Kids.

What did you think you knew about money as a kid? Most of us were told at one time or another that money didn’t grow on trees, but I am not sure that I ever thought it did — I just thought that my parents had an endless supply of it, and why weren’t they buying me everything I wanted? I had no idea about the relationship between how much Dad brought in and how much it cost to support our lifestyle, and still didn’t even get it until I graduated college with a crappy low-paying job and tons of credit and student loan debt. But in thinking back to the biggest misconception I had about money as a kid, I came up with this:


Money Quote Friday – Needless Wants Of Life Edition.

Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.” –Edwin Way Teale

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! I know fall is coming because it was 46 degrees this morning, so I plan on getting outside in the next couple of days before becoming a shut in for the winter. Enjoy!


Brand New 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

If you are looking, here is the latest list of 0% balance transfer offers from credit card companies:

And while not 0%, Iberia has a card with a 1.99% balance transfer offer:


Ask The Readers: Where Do You Bank?

Alright guys and gals, I need your help on this one. With banks closing left and right and their fees going up, many people are changing where they do their banking, either by force or by choice. Even though I live 23 miles from the closest Bank of America, I still have my main checking and a small savings account there. (My emergency and other savings is at ING, my stocks are held at Scottrade, my mutual funds at T.Rowe Price, and some loaned out money at Lending Club.) If I need to make a deposit, I just mail it in or make the trek to the bank. There is a local credit union here open to anyone that I would actually prefer to bank with, but the reasons I have stayed with them are three-fold:

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