Helping Good Neighbors – 10 Communal Items to Share and Save Money

We all know times are tight right now, with so many unemployed and tons more losing their houses to foreclosure. It’s a really sad situation and one that we all hope turns around relatively soon. In the meantime, however, we all still need to keep on living — and that means that we often need to spend money on things for our family or our homes in order to keep everything in order. But these expenses can add up quickly, especially for repairs if you are a homeowner and need to pay for everything yourself (those expensive repairs are when I am thankful I am a renter!), so careful planning and discussion amongst friends prior to making big purchases can really help out your bottom line.


How to Prevent Bicycle Theft and Find Stolen Bikes

A good friend of mine had his bike stolen last week. His VERY EXPENSIVE bike at that. It was “locked” up right in front of a restaurant he was eating at, and he never thought for a second that he would come out after finishing his meal to find it simply not there anymore. It was one long pissed-off walk home that day, that’s for sure. Bike theft is pretty common because, well, it’s rather easy to steal a bike, ride away on it, and then sell it for a few bucks. Most people buy cheap locks (or none at all) and some have even had their two-wheeled transportation stolen from their own yard. Because of my buddy’s predicament last week, I figured there were others out there who could use some advice on how to prevent their own bike from being stolen, and this is what I found out. Hope it helps!


State Sales Tax Holiday 2011 – AL, CT, LA, MD, NC, TX, VA

Have some larger than average expenses coming up this year? Plan on buying some new appliances, computers, or worse yet an entire new wardrobe for your rapidly growing teenager? Don’t fret, I might be able to save you some cash. Before you head out to the mall or your nearest big-box store you may want to take a look at when (if) your state holds its annual “Sales Tax Holiday” in 2011 to save yourself a few bucks. Statewide sales tax holidays were first enacted in 1996 as a way to as give consumers a good incentive to shop at their local businesses. While most states normally restrict exemptions only up to a certain amount (say, $300), shoppers can actually buy an unlimited amount of these items free of taxes for the days that the holiday is in place.


How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Looking for a new job? You most certainly are not alone, as millions of Americans are currently unemployed and doing their best to find work. Because of this, you need to make sure that if you can land an interview that you stand out amongst all other candidates. Smart job applicants prepare themselves for interviews, not unlike athletes who spend hours at the gym every day to prepare for each game. The spoils go to the victor, so they say, and you need to make sure that your one shot at employment with that new company goes well and in your favor. By spending time prepping before you step foot in their door, you increase your chances at being remembered by those in charge — and then hopefully hired because of it. Here are some important tips to help you prepare for a job interview before you even put on your best suit and tie and head out the door.


Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in 2011

It’s time for another listing of the best places to work for the year, and this time I came across the new list over at CNNMoney.com. Listing the 100 best companies to work for in 2011 must be a lot of work, but I am thankful that they put it together each year because I truly enjoy seeing who makes the list and why. Granted, in this economy people are probably just thrilled to have a job, never mind a good one at one of these companies, but it’s always worth keeping in mind which companies make for better employers. Some on the list really surprised me! While the list can be divided out by categories such as size, women and minority hiring, job growth, and low turnover rate, I just wanted to mention the overall listing and why the Top 10 companies were chosen. Let’s take a look…

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