How to Buy Cheap Discount Car Tires Online and Save Money

Buying a set of new tires for a car is not for the faint of heart. Sure, buying a replacement tire now and then isn’t all that bad, especially if your car has really small tires. But when your car needs all four tires replaced at once, well, the expenses sure do add up. I bought my Mini Cooper S used last year, and even when I bought it I knew that the tires weren’t going to last all that long for two reasons:

  1. The treads on the front set are different than the rear set, meaning it doesn’t track all that well

How to Calculate Your Net Worth – How Much Are You Worth?

Wondering just how much you are actually worth? You aren’t alone – people put a lot of time and effort into figuring out their “net worth”. In basic terms, net worth is determined by adding up everything you own and subtracting the things you don’t own outright, giving you your total financial worth. I am not big on the idea of using net worth as a deciding factor in many decisions because I believe that quality of life is an important part of the equation that isn’t counted, but for this post we will ignore anything other than the numbers themselves. An upward trending net value is seen as a positive thing and a downward trending net worth is seen as a negative, but please don’t get too down on yourself if you feel as though you aren’t living up to the expectations of others. At minimum, this is just a good thing to do once in a while to at least get a general idea of where you are financially. Let’s take a look at what goes in to figuring out your net worth.


How to Build Credit History – 9 Ways to Improve & Build Good Credit Fast

No credit history? Starting anew with bad credit? It’s time to build up your credit history so that you can get decent rates for small loans and mortgages along with increase your chances to get the apartment of your dreams and better rates on your car insurance. But you may be lost as to where to start building up your credit, so I wanted to put together a list of things you should do/work on in order to build it up quickly.


Your Money or Your Life – Are You Trading Your Work Life Balance For Money?

Are you trading your life for money? One of my favorite books on personal finance/lifestyle choices is Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, and it explores this very topic in easy-to-understand, clear and concise language. I have read it cover to cover several times over, and it remains a staple item on my bookshelf. In fact, it was part of my taking a risk in leaving a high-paying career in the entertainment field for self-employment and freedom from schedules and bosses. Working at a job I didn’t like was financially rewarding for quite some time, but eventually it became a black cloud draining the life out of my soul. I realized I was trading my life away for money, and I had had enough; I up and quit and have been on my own for years now. I was no longer trading my life for money and it was the best decision I have ever made.


Best Part Time Summer Jobs for College Students

In between my years at college, I worked a wide variety of summer jobs. I worked as a car detailer for an auto auction house, I swept floors in a hair salon, I worked security for an aerospace company, and I manned a cart in the middle of a popular mall. None of these jobs were especially glamourous or a good indicator of what I would do later in life as an adult (I worked in the film & TV world until I “retired” for self-employment four years ago), but they were decent jobs to have during the summer. Because I was doing some thinking about one of these jobs the other day, I decided to write up a post of some summer jobs I think would be pretty cool gigs for college students, whether for their fun aspect, money, or future employment opportunities. Here is what I came up with…

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